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The whole industry chain

Our chain has the development, production, sales, third party clinical testing institutions of tumor molecular diagnosis enterprises;
the whole industry chain has sustainable development planning enterprises;
scientific research as the core, the sustainable development of the industrial chain as the goal.

The driving force of continuous innovation 

We have many national and provincial scientific research platforms in the fields of tumor biology, genetics and molecular medicine; has many biomedical experts to ensure that the products are always in the leading level; has the ability of continuous technology research and development, and has more than 20 reserve products.

Professional promotion capabilities 

We focus on customers, providing comprehensive market information, diversified promotion support And other value-added services; through "sunshine marketing, professional marketing, brand marketing" to enable customers to continuously achieve sustainable development of the industry competitiveness.

 Integration of resources 

We integrate resources to integrate superior resources, extensive cooperation to achieve win-win; customer value maximization, radiation extension of the market; improve hospital technology and service level.