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Jiangsu MicroDiag Biomedicine Technology Co., Ltd., founded on September 9, 2008, is located in Suzhou Nano City, a national high-tech industrial base. It is an innovative national high-tech focusing on early screening, early diagnosis and accurate monitoring of major diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, acute infectious diseases, etc., focusing on New markers / key technology raw materials / automatic instruments Technology enterprises.
Over the past 10 years, MicroDiag has always adhered to the strategy of "Technology Driven, Product Focused". Five innovative products have been registered and approved by China NMPA, and one has obtained EU CE certification, including CST4 - the first new gastrointestinal cancer serum tumor marker kit, DR70 - the only approved broad-spectrum swelling kit domestically and globally, and S9 methylation - high specificity and sensitivity of colorectal cancer based on second-generation methylation technology Sub marker kits and other products have been put on the market. Three are waiting for evaluation by the State Food and drug administration, and seven are in clinical trials and registration. It is estimated that 5 new products will start clinical registration experiments in 2020, and dozens of research (exclusive) projects will be carried out.

The company has a team of professional and technical personnel with reasonable discipline structure, international leading technology and innovative spirit. More than 30% of them have master's degree or doctor's degree. Within three years, the company has undertaken National 863 project, provincial major scientific and technological achievements transformation project, 8 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects, and the accumulated R & D investment exceeds 100 million yuan. It has 45 patents, including 5 international invention patents. It has built "Postdoctoral Research Station", "Jiangsu Cancer Molecular Diagnosis Engineering Technology Research Center" established by the Ministry of human resources and social security. The Key Laboratory of precision medicine, Suzhou University, Jiangsu cancer hospital and Nanjing Medical University jointly established Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of malignant tumor molecular biology and translational medicine, and Jiangsu provincial cancer molecular detection and translational medicine service center.

Jiangsu MicroDiag has three R & D centers. The Department has 2500 ㎡ standardized molecular medicine laboratory, 1500 ㎡ class III IVD kit production workshop and 3000 ㎡ class II medical device production plant. In April 2010, it obtained the production license of class III IVD reagents and class II medical devices. Shanghai LionRun Biomedicine Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu MicroDiag( )It was established in Shanghai Free Trade Zone on September 9, 2013. It has 800 square meters scientific research laboratory and 2000 square meters GMP standard factory building. It has obtained the EU ISO13485 certification. It has a number of pioneering research and development products, with an annual production capacity of 50 million human reagents. Anhui MicroDiag Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Jiangsu MicroDiag. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of diagnostic instruments and supporting consumables. At present, it has successfully developed the world's first fully automatic methylation pretreatment equipment new-24, which will be the clinical trial of self-developed acryl ester magnetic particle chemiluminescence POCT equipment.

MicroDiag Headquarters (building nw16, Suzhou nano city)
Jiangsu MicroDiag has three clinical laboratory subsidiaries, namely Beijing Quaker, Shanghai Duwei, and Suzhou Primed. Relying mainly on MicroDiag technology and products, it has built a unique third-party independent medical clinical laboratory center. In 2020, facing the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, Jiangsu MicroDiag / Shanghai LionRun / Anhui MicroDiag R & D team developed "COVID-19 IgM / IgG antibody rapid detection reagent (colloidal gold method)", " COVID-19 nucleic acid rapid detection reagent (colloidal gold method)", " COVID-19 antigen rapid detection reagent (colloidal gold method)", " COVID-19 nucleic acid PCR reagent" and " COVID-19 antigen POCT reagent" were developed by Jiangsu MicroDiag / Shanghai LionRun / Anhui MicroDiag R & D team (IFA) "and other products have been certified by EU 27 countries, the United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador and other countries. They are applying for the license of the United States, Japan, Russia, Canada, India and other countries. They are based in China and serve the global resistance.

Adhering to the corporate culture of " Simple, Genuine and Excellent ", employees of MicroDiag always adhere to its original intention, and is committed to building "MicroDiag" into a new international diagnostic product production and service provider characterized by technological innovation and based on independent research and development.